Theory Test

As driving lessons have been suspended since 23rd March 2020 and all learners (who are not key workers) should be at home, it is a useful time to maintain your theory knowledge and, if you have not yet passed the Continue reading

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Private Practice

Although it is not an option for everyone, where it is possible, I fully encourage practising between driving lessons to gain additional driving experience and to help learners understand that different cars can feel different to drive.  However, it Continue reading

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Theory Training

I have recently changed the third party supplier I use to provide free online theory training to my learners.

As part of the registration process, learners will be offered an account with Theory Test Pro (using the learner’s email address Continue reading

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Smart Motorways

Smart motorway is a fairly new term to describe sections of motorways where technology is used by regional centres to help reduce congestion. The regional centres use CCTV and traffic sensors to help monitor traffic flows and can activate signs Continue reading

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Password Protected Posts

A few articles have recently been posted and called “Private Videos” and are password protected.  These posts contain videos from lessons and are only accessible to the learner involved in those lessons. The password is unique to the learner concerned.

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