This Privacy Notice sets out the information that I collect, generate and hold that identifies you.

If you browse my website (which uses the secure https protocol), I will see what pages you visit (but only identified by your IP address).

Whenever you contact me (by email or any messaging service e.g. Text, WhatsApp, Facebook), I will store your messages on my phone/PC (along with your phone number/email address).

When you enquire about lessons, I will ask you for information about yourself and your household, that forms part of a health risk assessment. If this leads to you wanting to arrange lessons, I will ask you for more information (the details already recorded on your Driving Licence, as well as your contact details, if not already known) and ask you to agree to my terms of business.

Once you have started lessons with me, I will create other information about you (dates and times of lessons and dates and amounts of payments made for lessons). This information is held on my computer but also included on a paper “Driver Record”. I also use an App (using a Third Party) to record some of these details. The App also enables me to monitor the progress of learners in their driving lessons (using a 1-5 scoring system against a range of driving skills) and a reflection log. Learners will be given access to the App to view and input too.

Whenever you are in the car, with the engine running or the ignition switched on, a dashcam will usually be recording. While it will be primarily recording activity out the front and rear windscreen, it may also capture images and voices of occupants in the car.

All the information I collect, generate and hold about you is either needed for me to fulfil my contract with you (in providing driving lessons), satisfy a legal obligation (e.g. my accounts), provide training opportunities or maintain contact with you.

Your data is not used for marketing purposes or shared with anyone else, except if requested by the Police, DVSA, AA Driving School Accident Management or insurance company (where you were the driver at the time of an incident and this may include any dashcam footage) or to arrange free online theory training (with your consent) with a third party supplier.  If I should test positive for coronavirus (Covid-19), your contact details will be provided to NHS Test & Trace, if requested.

If you would like to read more detail about the information I have about you, please read my Privacy Policy. This policy also sets out why I need the information, how I use it, how long I keep it and how it is secured. It also shows how you can see the information I hold about you.

Version: 22.1


Recent Version History (Last 12 Months)

22.0 – December 2021 – Annual Review.  Minor addition to relfect that data collected may be used for training purposes (e.g. dashcam footage).

22.1 – January 2022 – Changes to reflect the introduction of an App and reduced version history to the last twelve months.