Learner Driver Insurance

While most people only use driving lessons to learn to drive, many learners supplement their lessons by practising between lessons (with a relative or friend).  If this is an option for you, I fully encourage it as I personally feel that it is really helpful to practise between lessons if there is an opportunity to do this with a suitable (and willing) qualified driver (who must be least 21 years old and have held a full driving licence for at least 3 years). This doesn’t have to be the car owner but you do need the owner’s permission to insure and drive the vehicle. Where this option is considered, I offer my support to ensure that these complement driving lessons e.g. by advising when you would be ready to start, suggesting areas to drive and aspects of driving to focus on.

If practising between lessons is being considered, it is important that you are suitably insured to drive the car you will be practising in. While the supervising driver may choose to add you to their own insurance, any claims would affect their policy. However, it is possible to have an insurance policy specifically to cover the learner driver (that enables a learner driver to practise in a family’s, relative’s or friend’s car, without risking the no claims bonus of the qualified driver). As the cost of insurance for a learner can be as little as around £75 for 30 days or less than £2 a day for a 90 day policy, it can be a cost effective way of reducing the overall cost of learning to drive (as it could mean requiring fewer driving lessons and insurance for one month could be less than 2 x 2 hour lessons). There are several companies that offer learner driver insurance and, while I can’t recommend a specific insurance product or advise which insurance cover is the best for you, I am happy to introduce the following four insurance products for you to consider. However, I would strongly suggest shopping around and comparing the cost and features of different policies (including the cost of being added to the qualified driver’s insurance policy) to ensure that the product you choose is the right one for you (e.g. the type of car covered and excess levels varies between each company).

National Learner Driver Insurance

This insurance product is only available through professional, qualified driving instructors. National Learner Driver Insurance offers 6 policy options starting at a 14 day period of cover and policies can be renewed as many times as required. The supervising driver must be at least 25 years old and a UK resident for at least 2 years. For a quote or more information, use the link above.

Marmalade Learner Insurance

Marmalade provide an insurance product for learners that cover periods of 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. Once a policy is held, they can be renewed for as little as a 7 day period.  Any driver who is over 25, who currently holds a current valid full UK driving licence, and has done for at least three years, can supervise you. For a quote or more information, use the link above.

Collingwood Insurance Services (UK) Ltd

Collingwood offer short term policies (minimum 28 days), which can be renewed for periods from 7 days up to 24 weeks. They also offer an annual policy.  You must be accompanied by a driver of over 21 years of age, who has held (and still holds) a valid full UK/EU/EEA Licence in the same category as the vehicle you’re driving for at least 3 years.  The above link introduces this insurance provider via the AA Website.

Veygo by Admiral

This is a flexible Learner Driver Insurance allowing you  to practise with a friend or family member (with policies priced by the hour, day, week or month). You can be supervised by any driver over 21 who has held a current and valid EEC licence for at least three years.

This company not only offers Learners Driver Insurance and insurance for newly qualified drivers but also a hybrid policy (covering learners on a provisional licence, which continues (without further charge) after passing the driving test). A £100 discount off the price of an annual policy is possible using my referral code 460309.


Please note that the prices and terms mentioned were correct at the time of the article. For accurate up to date information, please check directly with the insurer.