Driving Lesson Prices

The following details my standard pricing structure for new pupils who are learner drivers only (i.e. with a provisional driving licence). Prices for qualified drivers (seeking refresher sessions or the Pass Plus course are higher and available on request).

Lesson Duration Cost Hourly Rate
1.5 hour (90 minutes) £57 £38
2 hour (120 minutes) £72 £36


(i) I only offer one hour lessons to learners who have a learning style or a medical condition where shorter sessions are considered to be more beneficial.  The cost of one hour lessons is £45. This is much higher than the hourly rate for 1.5 hour or 2 hour lessons because the time spent before and after lessons (planning, admin, cleaning, travel, accounting and updating your progress record) is exactly the same for all lessons, regardless of how long the lesson is.

(ii) To reflect the lower cost (in time and petrol) of travelling to and from local pupils, a discount of £2 per hour may be offered to learners who live in NG8 Sector 2 or NG9 Sector 3. Please note that any discounts are offered solely at my discretion and will be depend on the time of the lesson and under the condition that lessons start and finish at the same location.

(iii) The cost of the session on the day of the practical test is outlined in Section 13 (iv) of my terms

(iv) A one off (2 hour) Mock Test session (which includes a written report) costs £85. A shorter 1.5 hour mock test session (which does not include a written report) costs £60.

(v) Prices are reviewed in December every year but, at times of high inflation (currently around 10%) or significant increases in the cost of petrol, prices may be reviewed more than once a year.  However, as detailed in my terms, prices agreed with you are guaranteed not to change for the first nine months of lessons (from the date of the first lesson). After nine months, any changes in driving lesson prices that have taken place in that period will apply.

If you are interested in booking a lesson or would like to explore your options in more detail, please contact me using my contact form, by telephone or send me a message (text or WhatsApp) using any of the contact details at the bottom of this page.