Please note that prices for qualified drivers (i.e. full licence holders) are now detailed on a separate page. The following details my standard pricing structure for learner drivers (i.e. with a provisional driving licence):-

Lessons finishing before 6pm (Monday to Saturday)

Lesson Type Cost Hourly Rate
1.5 hour (90 minutes) lesson £48 £32
2 hour (120 minutes) lesson £60 £30

The following discounted prices are offered to learners who live in Wollaton (NG8 1 and NG8 2 Postcodes)

Lesson Type Cost Hourly Rate
1.5 hour (90 minutes) lesson £45 £30
2 hour (120 minutes) lesson £56 £28

Lessons starting from 6pm onwards or at anytime on Sundays

A £2 per hour supplement (to the above prices) will be charged

Important Notes:

(i) Due to a way of working during the Covid-19 pandemic (that requires more time for preparing the car between lessons), I only offer one hour lessons to learners who have a medical condition or type of learning style where shorter sessions are considered to be more beneficial.  The cost of one hour lessons is £35, slightly higher than the hourly rate for 1.5 hour or 2 hour lessons to reflect the fact that the planning, admin, cleaning and travel time are exactly the same for all lessons, regardless of how long the lesson is.

(ii) A one off (2 hour) Mock Test session (which includes a written report) costs £65

(iii) The cost of the session on the day of the practical test is outlined in Section 14 (iv) of my terms

If you are interested in booking a lesson or would like to explore your options in more detail, please contact me using my contact form, by telephone or send me a message (text, WhatsApp or through Facebook) using any of the contact details at the bottom of this page.