Listed below are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Q – How much do you charge?

A – Details of current lesson prices are outlined on this website. Prices are subject to change without advance notice but, once a contract for lessons has been agreed, prices will not increase for at least nine months.

Q – Do you have any availability?

A – My current availability is detailed on my website and updated from time to time. Do bear in mind that slots only become available when the current slot holder has passed their test.

Q – How area do you cover?

A – I currently only support pupils who live in the parts of NG7, NG8 and NG9 that are within the Chilwell test area.

Q – What days of the week/hours of the day do you work?

A – While I am available to provide driving lessons 7 days a week, I do not provide regular lessons on Sundays. Slots on Sundays are generally reserved for the first lesson with a brand new learner or for pupils who need extra lessons to prepare for a test. My first lesson starts on 9am and my last lesson finishes at 4pm. During spring and summer months, I offer evening lessons (that usually start at 6:30pm or 7pm). During the autumn and winter months, I reserve evening sessions for people who want/need experience of driving in the dark or are preparing for a test.

Q – Do you provide lessons in an automatic car?

A – While I am trained to provide tuition in either an automatic or a manual car, I currently do not have access to an automatic car (for training purposes).

Q – Do you offer intensive courses?

A – I do not provide courses of intensive lessons (sometimes referred to as crash courses). Depending on my availability, I do offer semi-intensive lessons for learners at the early stage of their learning as this can help build some early momentum.

Q – How many lessons will I need before I am ready to take my test?

A – This is one of the most common questions I get asked and is difficult to assess until you’ve had a few driving lessons.  There are number of factors involved such as how quickly you learn (people learn at different paces), your memory (being able to remember things you have learnt), the amount of previous experience you have as a road user, your age, as well as the frequency and duration of driving lessons and the amount of practising you have done between those lessons.  However, the national average (for people who are able to practise between lessons) is for 45 hours of tuition (which works out as 22 x 2 hour lessons plus an hour before the test) with an additional 22 hours of private practice (Driving Standards Agency statistics, 2006). Obviously this is an average so some people will need less and some people will need more.  The best indication of whether you are ready to take your test is the amount of help and guidance you need on lessons.  If you find that on your lessons that I am simply giving your directions, (telling you where to go, rather than how to do it), then you are probably ready to take your test.

Q – Can I meet you before deciding to appoint you as my driving instructor?

A – I have always welcomed the opportunity to meet before starting lessons, to discuss your requirements in more detail and offer an free introductory meeting. Where a pupil is under 18, I prefer this meeting to involve a parent.

Q – Do you offer discounts (e.g. student discounts/NHS discounts)?

A – I do not offer a “student discount” as my prices reflect that most of my pupils are students (at school, college or university) and I no longer offer discounts for NHS staff as this discriminates against other workers. However, I may offer a small, discretionary discount for pupils who live close to me as I usually spend less time and petrol in travelling to and from these lessons.

Q – Will your prices increase while I am learning to drive with you?

A – As detailed in the Terms of Business that you will be asked to accept, the price you pay for lessons will be agreed before you start your lessons with me. Once you have started lessons, your lesson prices will not increase for a period of at least 9 months (from the date of your first lesson with me), providing that you are taking regular lessons (with the exception of any agreed gaps e.g. due to holidays). However, if you decide to stop taking lessons for a while, the latest advertised price will apply when you resume lessons.

Q – My driving instructor is unavailable for my driving test. Can I use your car?

A – Learners who have been having regular lessons with me, supported by me and assessed by me as being ready for test will be allowed to use my car without my supervision (on a test). Given the work required to help my pupils get ready for a test, I do not offer a service for learners who request support at short notice. Similarly, as a professional, qualified driving instructor, my training services do not extend to a car hire service.  However, I am happy to provide a mock test at least a week before your test so that you can be independently assessed that you are ready for your test. The mock test will conclude with some honest and constructive feedback but is provided without any obligation for further lessons or the use of my car on the test.

Q – How do I pay?

A – I generally only accept payments by bank transfer (payable in advance of the lesson). If this is a problem for you, please let me know so that we can explore alternative arrangements.

Q – What is your pass rate?

A. I perform a review of the results of tests periodically and publish a summarised view on an annual basis. For the most recent publication, please see my latest results.

Q – I have a full EU driving licence but would like some experience on UK roads.

A – I am happy to discuss your requirements in more detail and tailor a session to meet your needs.

Q – I have a non EU driving licence and would like some experience on UK roads or would like to prepare for a UK test.

A – I would recommend booking an introductory meeting, where we can discuss your requirements in more detail. However, I do not provide this session for people who have already booked a test.

Q – What should I do if I need to cancel a lesson and will I be charged?

A – Although 48 hours notice is required if cancelling a scheduled lesson, any charge is waived if the cancellation is due to ill health (providing that at least one hour’s notice is provided). Full details are explained in my Terms of Business

Q – Do you offer any support to help me prepare for my Theory Test?

A – I provide a range of resources but, as people learn in different ways, this is tailored on an individual basis. During 2023, I am offering free access to Theory Test Pro and will review this at the end of the year.

Q – Are you fully qualified?

A – I qualified in 2011. My DVSA (ADI) Reference Number is 460309 and my current certificate of registration is 34014250, confirming that I am included on DVSA’s register of Approved Driving Instructors (valid until February 2024).  I am legally required to display this certificate in my car during lessons and will present it to learners at an introductory meeting (prior to their first lesson). A scanned copy (in jpg format) can be provided to parents who are not able to attend an introductory meeting (e.g. a parent who does not live in Nottingham).

Q – Do I need to wear a mask/as it’s not possible to socially distance in a car what do we need to do to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19?

A – New ways of working were developed during the Covid pandemic. These have been revised several times since July 2020 and my terms provide more details (in section 4) of current actions (which also include responsibilities for pupils). There is no current requirement to wear a mask.

If you are interested in booking your first driving lesson with me or to explore your requirements in more detail, please contact me using my contact form, by telephone or send me a message (text or WhatsApp) using any of the contact details at the bottom of this page.