The following details my standard pricing structure for full licence holders drivers (i.e. drivers who have passed their driving test and looking for sessions to refresh their skills):-

Please note that prices for learner drivers (i.e. provisional licence holders) are detailed on a separate page.

Lesson Type Cost Hourly Rate
Pass Plus Course

(6 hours)

£276 £46
Motorway Lesson

(2 hours)

£ 100 £50
Refresher Session

(1 hour)

£ 50 £50
Refresher Session

(1.5 hours)

£ 69 £46
Refresher Session

(2 hours)

£ 90 £45


(i) The higher price (compared to the rate for learner drivers) reflects the increased cost of arranging one off or short term sessions and the fact that more fuel is generally used in these sessions (especially on motorways).

(ii) The pricing structure provides a lower hourly rate for longer sessions, reflecting the fact that the planning, admin, cleaning and travel time are exactly the same for all sessions, regardless of how long the session is.

(iii) If you had driving lessons with me and passed your test using my car, please do ask about discounts (refer to the Loyalty Benefits I offer)

If you are interested in booking any sessions or would like to explore your options in more detail, please contact me using my contact form, by telephone or send me a message (text or WhatsApp) using any of the contact details at the bottom of this page.