Coronavirus Update

This article, orginally posted on 1st March 2020, is reviewed regularly and updated as necessary

This latest revision is dated 23rd March (following the Prime Minister’s broadcast at 8:30pm)

Driving lessons will only go ahead if you are a key Continue reading

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Private Practice

Although it is not an option for everyone, where it is possible, I fully encourage practising between driving lessons to gain additional driving experience and to help learners understand that different cars can feel different to drive.  However, it Continue reading

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Theory Training

I have recently changed the third party supplier I use to provide free online theory training to my learners.

As part of the registration process, learners will be offered an account with Theory Test Pro (using the learner’s email address Continue reading

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Pass Rate

As we are now in January 2020, and with 6 out of the last 8 tests resulting in a pass, I’ve taken the opportunity to update the statistics of practical tests covering every test taken in my car since I Continue reading

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