Private Practice

Although it is not an option for everyone, where it is possible, I fully encourage practising between driving lessons to gain additional driving experience and to help learners understand that different cars can feel different to drive.  However, it is really important that the learner is suitably insured (driving without insurance risks having eight penalty points on the licence, a ban from driving and an unlimited fine) – see my post about insurance.

It is also essential that learners are properly supervised by an appropriate qualified driver. The supervising driver must:-

1. Be at least 21 years old (some insurance companies insist on the accompanying driver being over 25 years old)

2. Be qualified to drive the type of vehicle being used by the learner

3. Have had their full driving licence for at least 3 years (which must be issued in the UK or a country in the EU or EEA)

If the learner drives without the correct supervision, it is the learner that is liable (and can be fined up to £1000 and get up to six points on their provisional licence).  Supervising drivers must also be aware that it is illegal to use a mobile phone while supervising a learner driver and that only a fully qualified driver instructor (or an instructor being trained and registered with DVSA) can charge for their services.

The DVSA have recently updated their record of private driving lessons. If using this, please bring it to your lessons to help me understand what experience you’ve gained since your last lesson.