I highly recommend Martin as a driving instructor based on my positive experience taking lessons with him. Martin demonstrates exceptional patience, organization, professionalism, and enthusiasm during every lesson. He is always punctual and flexible with scheduling driving lessons, and structures lessons to methodically cover all aspects of driving required for the test, while also instilling good driving habits for real-world conditions. He has an effective teaching approach - clearly explaining concepts and techniques, allowing time to practice, providing useful feedback, and building student confidence. Martin is also very friendly, and it's been a pleasure working with him and helping to pass my test first time. I would recommend him to all new drivers looking for a great instructor to help them learn to drive safely.

Thomas Chilwell Test Centre 5th February 2024

Martin was infinity patient and generous with his time during our lessons. He really helped me improve as a driver and thanks to him being so flexible, organised and accommodating I was able to pass my test. I really am so thankful for his help and will miss his lessons! Thank you again!!!

Monisha Chilwell Test Centre 23rd January 2024

Having recently passed my test with Martin in May, I must stress how fortunate I was to have him as my driving instructor. Martin is not only a true professional, but also someone with the patience and understanding of a saint. As well as teaching me to drive up to test standard, he equipped me with the skills and knowledge in order to drive confidently on my own.
Being a university student with an ‘unconventional’ timetable where no two weeks are the same, I struggled to believe that learning to drive whilst at university was possible. However, Martin always did his best to accommodate to my busy schedule, which made me feel at ease. Thanks to Martin, the ability to drive will make it much easier for me to get to and from placement!
If you are looking for a patient and reliable instructor, who will teach you up to a standard where you are truly confident in your ability, then look no further than Martin. I will 100% recommend Martin to anybody who is looking for manual driving lessons in the area.

Wiktoria Chilwell Test Centre 9th May 2023

Learning with Martin has really been a pleasure. Having learnt over a long period of time and with extended breaks, Martin was very flexible and communicative, making sure that I was comfortable in starting to learn again during COVID. Throughout the lessons, Martin adapted to suit my learning style such as the use of analogies and visualisation but also pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me so I felt as prepared as I could for my driving test. He was supportive and encouraging throughout and his feedback, both verbal and written, was always welcome. The resources on his website such as the guides and roundabout videos were also very clear and useful.

This culminated in passing my test first time with only 3 minors but most importantly coming away feeling safe and confident on the road. Thank you Martin for helping me achieve this milestone!

Yueh-Chia Chilwell Test Centre 3rd May 2022

I would recommend Martin to anyone and everyone - he is so unbelievably patient, professional and knowledgeable. I started to learn how to drive with a different instructor and I didn't really get on with them, which caused me to have many doubts about my driving capabilities and significantly reduced my confidence. When I began to learn with Martin, he understood my anxiety around driving and adapted my lessons so they suited my driving capabilities. Martin continued to push me, which increased my confidence and enabled me to become a good driver - this was reflected in my test as I passed with only one minor. Martin always checks in on you to see how you're feeling and coping with the lesson; he listens and wants you to become the best driver you can possibly be. Martin has taught me life-long lessons that I will never forget, and I am so grateful to him for teaching me how to drive! 🙂 100% recommend!

Katie Chilwell Test Centre 19th January 2022

Driving with Martin has been a very pleasant experience. He is extremely patient, caring and well organised. My confidence in driving has improved a lot which has allowed me to pass my test today. I want to thank you for your kindness and reassurance of my skills and for making me a better driver for when I get out on the road. I would highly recommend Martin, he has gone above and beyond. Thank you x

Note: Copied from review posted on Google

Zeena Chilwell Test Centre 6th January 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with Martin and, with his encouragement and support, I became a far more confident driver. His teaching meant that I was quickly able to drive well, even after months of lockdown.

Sam Chilwell Test Centre 14th June 2021

Martin is a wonderfully knowledgeable driving instructor! He has taught me from the basics to passing my test first time - I couldn’t be happier.  Throughout my lessons, Martin was always so organised - providing regularly scheduled lessons, notifications for when he was on his way, and arrived early to sanitise the car before the start of each lesson. At the start of each lesson, Martin would always check-in with you to see how you’re feeling - ready to chat through any nerves and if necessary adjust the plan for the lesson. Martin has a great attention to detail and always provided useful feedback. Learning to drive with Martin also gives you access to lots of little extras - I found the online theory test prep and videos of roundabouts really helpful. Thank you Martin!

Testimonial copied from Google Reviews

Lydia Chilwell Test Centre 10th June 2021

Martin made the whole learning to drive experience a lot less stressful than I thought. His calm approach gave me confidence in my abilities to pass on my first attempt.

George Chilwell Test Centre 25th May 2021

Martin was always on time, always very professional and made me feel at ease during the lessons.  He plans the lessons very well and I felt like I always made progress without feeling rushed. I did sometimes struggle to understand the big roundabouts but I found the videos of some of the roundabouts on his website very useful. I passed my test with only four minors. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to drive a car at the moment but I am really looking forward to getting my own car next year and will probably ask Martin for some refresher lessons before I do.

Ben Chilwell 22nd September 2020

I don’t even know where to start. Cannot recommend Martin more. I haven’t had any lessons before and wanted to experience a mock test before the actual thing on Thursday. Martin got back to me on my query very quickly and at very short notice Martin was able to take me on and do a mock test with me. You can tell Martin is an honest and caring person by how thorough he is with getting to know your strengths and weaknesses and goals for the session beforehand. Despite not being one of his students, Martin was very patient and gave me many tips and tricks to help me on my test. He praised me on the good things and helped me fix the things that could be improved with very useful tips. With this also being during Covid, it makes the service he provides even more impressive.

Natasha Colwick Test Centre 6th September 2020

I passed my driving test first time with 3 minors and honestly, the merit is not only mine, my instructor Martin was responsible for my great performance! He was very welcoming and understanding which made me more confident at driving. Best thing about Martin is that he is honest to his job. His instructions were very clear. I felt like I made progress every lesson and he always focused on things I had struggled with. Since I passed, I have driven the car almost every day with no issues or accidents. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Thank you Martin for making me a safe driver.

Nayab Rehna Chilwell Test Centre 28th August 2020

Martin is an excellent driving instructor. He has always approached driving lessons in a calm and supportive manner. He has taught me to drive using methods and techniques that are memorable and useful and have made me a better driver. Martin has helped develop my skills as a safe driver so that I could pass my driving test today on my first attempt and, more importantly, become an independent and confident driver for when I begin to finally drive on my own. I had taken lessons over a long period of time due to the interruption of A Level examinations and stresses of life.  Regardless, Martin was patient and always provided a relaxing learning environment during all of my lessons. I am very grateful and feel confident to begin driving on my own. Thank you Martin.

Samrina Watnall Test Centre 2nd January 2020

I had already had several lessons during the summer before starting lessons with Martin when I came to university. I found the roads in Nottingham far more complicated than the roads I'd been driving on in my home town but Martin helped build my confidence and how to deal with roundabouts. In fact, I felt like I learnt more in one or two lessons with Martin than in all my previous lessons.  Martin is very organised and was very thorough in preparing me for my test which I passed with only a couple of minors!

Callum Chilwell 9th December 2019

I passed my driving test first time today with 0 faults, and have to thank Martin very much for his excellent instruction and guidance. Throughout the whole process he has been very calm, understanding and thorough, despite my nerves getting the better of me from time to time. His logical, personalised approach to my issues and doubts is especially notable and he was fantastic in considering my driving as a skill in progress in line with my other activities/holidays/commitments. His support, super organisation and communication has also been very consistent and useful. I would recommend Martin's driving lessons with no hesitation whatsoever!

Meghana Chilwell Test Centre 18th October 2019

After having a bad experience with three different driving schools, I got really frustrated. No-one tried to prepare me for the test.  Having watched different driving clips on Martin's website, I contacted Martin who proved a fantastic instructor for me. He is so organised, very dedicated and works hard according to your needs.  He is the best instructor I could've had and the best interaction I have had with him. Fantastic instructor who gave me confidence. His website is also helpful. I also passed first time with five minors which speaks for itself that he is fantastic. Thank you Martin for giving me a good experience though I cannot be thankful enough to you.  All the instructors are not the same so I would highly recommend Martin.

Tahira Watnall Test Centre 25th July 2019

Passed my test today after taking lessons with Martin and I'm so grateful!  From day one, he's treated me like an individual, genuinely concerned with my progress in the car as well as a person. He gave me thorough preparation and constructive feedback in each lesson.  The flexibility of the lessons were amazing, catering towards my university timetable. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor, who was so supportive in my driving experience. 100000% recommend!

Tolu Chilwell Test Centre 10th July 2019

Martin has been a fantastic driving instructor!  His lessons were always well prepared and individually tailored to develop the skills that I needed to practise. His calm and patient manner always put me at ease and enabled me to pass first time!

Joy Chilwell Test Centre 20th June 2019

Martin has been a great driving instructor, I would highly recommend taking lessons with him. He was also really understanding with my nerves and tried to help me with anything he could. The preparation for the actual driving test was excellent, I think I got the best prep I could have got. Thanks Martin!

Lais Chilwell Test Centre 6th June 2019

I would highly recommend Martin, a great instructor. Extremely supportive and helped me become a confident driver who passed my test first time!

Josh Chilwell Test Centre 24th May 2019

Thank you for your time and effort getting our son through his test. Now he can concentrate on his college exams!

Richard Chilwell Test Centre 2nd May 2019

Martin has been an absolutely fantastic instructor. Having switched
from previous instructors whom I did not have good experiences with, I started off as quite a nervous driver however Martin was very
supportive and patient throughout my lessons, put me at ease and
consistently gave constructive feedback. He was also always flexible
around my work schedule. Thank you for teaching me to become a safe and confident driver and spending time, making sure I felt as ready as I could for my driving test which I passed first time!

Can't thank you enough!
- Faiza

Faiza Watnall Test Centre 30th April 2019

Martin is a great instructor, I can only recommend him. He was very professional and patient though all of our lessons. I never felt neglected and he always remembered where we left off. Passed for the first time 🙂

Sabrin Watnall 30th January 2019

Thanks for helping me pass first time today and also for being so flexible in fitting my lessons around my work shifts.

James Watnall Test Centre 17th December 2018

I really cannot emphasise how good an instructor Martin is! I'd started off as a very nervous driver but Martin helped me become more and more confident, eventually passing first time. He clearly puts his all into helping his pupils and certainly goes the extra mile. Thank you!

Alethea Chilwell Test Centre 4th December 2018

Thank you for being such a good teacher. You clearly did a good job! I really appreciated how patient and understanding you were with me and how you catered to best suit my learning style.

Emily Chilwell Test Centre 3rd December 2018

I'm very pleased that I've passed (with no minor faults!) but also sad that I'll never have a lesson with you again because they were so enjoyable! Thank you for supporting me through it all, I loved every second of learning!

Faith Chilwell Test Centre 11th October 2018

Martin is a brilliant driving instructor who has taught our daughter to be a confident, competent driver, passing her test first time. He was highly recommended to us and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others.

Anne Allen Chilwell Test Centre 8th June 2018

Martin is a 5* instructor who is very calm and patient. He explains how to approach different driving situations very well, so that you feel confident when attempting new sills such as large roundabouts.  I would highly recommend Martin to anyone aiming to pass their test or wanting to improve their driving skills.

Lauren Chilwell Test Centre 16th May 2018

I passed my test this week on the first attempt. Thank you Martin for all your patience and understanding when sorting out my weekly lessons, nothing was too much trouble. Martin's teaching techniques and mannerism are just perfect for his job and made me feel totally at ease from start to finish. Thank you so much, Brad.

Brad Chilwell Test Centre 8th March 2018

Martin is a fantastic driving instructor, would recommend him to anybody that asked. He is a great communicator, we discussed my plans in an initial meeting and every lesson was planned out so well, his style of teaching is great too. Coming from a previous instructor a few years ago and having that gap between learning, I always had a few issues and manoeuvres I didn’t like but those were sorted pretty much straight away. The lessons definitely built my confidence up to be able to pass first time. Thank you so much, all the best!

Katy Chilwell Test Centre 27th June 2017

I passed my test today thanks to Martin, honestly could not recommend a better instructor! He obviously puts a huge amount of time and effort into every pupil and really focuses on the best way to adapt teaching to each individual. Thank you Martin for helping me achieve something i doubted i could do!

Izzy Chilwell Test Centre 22nd June 2017

Thank you so much Martin for helping to pass my driving test on my first attempt! I really enjoyed my lessons, in large part thanks to your patient and kind teaching. I can’t wait to get a car and get booked in to take pass plus with you.

Isobel Chilwell Test Centre 24th May 2017

After passing my test in a much smaller city and then moving to Nottingham, I never felt confident enough to tackle the fast paced, heavy traffic and multiple lanes that Nottingham offered. I had always considered doing a Pass Plus course, however never put these thoughts into action. That was until I stumbled upon an advert for Martin’s Pass Plus course on Facebook. After sending Martin a long email about my concerns with driving, I received a very reassuring and prompt reply. After meeting with Martin for the initial introduction and what to expect from a Pass Plus course, I instantly knew that Martin was the right instructor to boost my confidence. His relaxed and friendly nature meant driving became a fun leisure activity rather than anything to dread. Plus, on top of my new driving confidence, I have learnt many useful tips and tricks on how to enhance my driving ability and safety on the road. I highly recommend Martin’s Pass Plus course for anyone who, like me, was lacking in confidence and needed that extra reassurance. I would also recommend Martin to anyone looking to learn to drive as I believe that I would not have lacked driving confidence if I had learnt with Martin from the start. Thank you Martin for everything!

Clare Nottingham (NG2) 31st March 2017

I had a really good experience learning to drive with Martin. He is a really good teacher and so easy to get on with.

Megan Chilwell Test Centre 18th January 2017

Thank you so much for your help, encouragement and patience over the past few months. And thank you for helping me to believe in myself! I felt relaxed and safe as a learner but felt that you challenged me appropriately when you knew I could handle new situations. You also focused on the areas of driving that I found more difficult – working on these helped to develop my confidence and not only prepare me for the test, but for real life too.

Ayla Clifton Test Centre 5th December 2016

After previously having lessons with other instructors, I failed two times. I lost my confidence and thought driving wasn’t for me. Martin, you are the best instructor (patience and attention to detail), I would not have passed without your help. Thank you Martin for everything, including helping me to believe in myself again.

Napat Watnall Test Centre 10th November 2016

I would like to thank you again for doing the Pass Plus course with me. You gave me much more confidence with my driving and helped me to face and overcome my fears with driving. I will be in touch if I ever need advice about driving! – Charlotte

Charlotte NG2 28th September 2016

It’s a family tradition now, first my partner then myself studied with Martin, both first time pass. Martin is very professional, patient and friendly, prepares you not just for the exam but how you should drive in everyday life. Great experience, very positive emotions, thank you again Martin!

Stan Chilwell 1st August 2016

Thank you so much!! Really enjoyed learning to drive with you. After a couple of bad experiences with previous instructors, you were the best by far. You really cared and believed I could do it. And I’m over the moon that I passed first time.


Kelly Beeston Test Centre 24th June 2016

After switching to Martin from a disappointing experience with a previous driving instructor, I learnt more from Martin in the first 10 minutes than I did in 8 hours with with someone else. Before starting my lessons, Martin spent an hour with me, talking and planning my lessons and gave me lots of helpful information. I am so pleased I learnt to drive with Martin, he is patient, helpful, reassuring and extremely kind. He put a lot of thought into every lesson plan and I felt that I was making constant progress in my driving every week! Thanks to Martin, I was able to pass first time and I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Emma Beeston Test Centre 21st June 2016

After previously having lessons with other instructors, I thought driving wasn’t for me. Then I decided to try Martin and I am so pleased I made that decision. He is a brilliant instructor and without his help, knowledge, patience and attention to detail I would never have passed my test (first time). Thank you Martin for everything, including helping me to overcome my nerves. For anyone who is thinking of starting lessons with Martin, I would 100% say DO IT!

Georgie Beeston Test Centre 12th May 2016

Martin supported my 17 year old daughter recently in learning to drive. He was a brilliant teacher, allowing her to develop at her own pace, as she was initially rather anxious. She looked forward to lessons and really started to enjoy driving. Martin is clear and informative, also reliable and flexible in lesson planning, according to the student’s timetable. Martin also taught my son 3 years ago and his approach was tailored to suit his different personality. The initial meeting was also helpful and Martin clearly thinks about the educational plan for each student, according to their need. I would recommend him thoroughly and my daughter plans to have a motorway familiarisation lesson, in due course, which I am sure will be helpful. Thanks again Martin.

Sue NG8 2nd May 2016

I would just like to say thank you very much Martin for guiding me with my driving over the past few months. I couldn’t have done it without your guidance! You taught me a lot that I will definitely remember when I’m driving. Thank you!!

Nhi Colwick Test Centre 4th April 2016

Martin has been an amazing instructor who always supported me and kept encouraging me at all times. Despite the limited time I had, he ensured that I was thoroughly prepared for the test and I’m happy to say that I managed to pass first time! Thank you Martin

Talitha Beeston Test Centre 23rd March 2016

Hi Martin. Thank you for your patience, support and guidance over the past few months. I am so happy to have passed my test first time! I am lucky to have picked a driving instructor who truly cares about the progression of his learners and would highly recommend you as a driving instructor to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks again, Morenike

Morenike Colwick Test Centre 27th January 2016

Thank you Martin. So glad that I did the course with you. Felt you gave me a lot of feedback and great tips. I really enjoyed my time developing my driving with you. Thanks again.

Charlotte NG2 14th January 2016

Thank you very much Martin for your help in getting me through it all. As you know, it wasn’t easy for me but you saw me through to the end. As I had said before, I have never learnt so much with an instructor; no messing around or time wasting as I’d experienced before, Thank you so much

Beulah Beeston Test Centre 4th January 2016

Martin is a really supportive and patient instructor. He always plans in what you want to cover in lessons and makes sure you are happy before moving on. I have really valued his advice and feedback throughout my time as a learner and, thanks to him, I passed first time!

Codie Watnall Test Centre 17th December 2015

Thank you so much for your help – you’ve helped me get my confidence back!

Remy University of Nottingham 30th November 2015

Thank you for everything. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. You’ve put up with so much with me and have supported me through difficult times. Thank you for always pushing me to be the best I can be. You’re the best driving instructor and couldn’t have asked for a better one. I feel sad that I’m about to start a new journey in my driving without you. Again, thank you so much

Towera Watnall Test Centre 9th September 2015

Thank you for all of the help and support that you have given me through my driving lessons. Your calm and patient approach to teaching really made it enjoyable. I feel a lot more confident driving now and will definitely be recommending you to friends.

Amelia Colwick Test Centre 18th July 2015

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Lessons were always productive, enjoyable and laid back- even when I was not the most relaxed of drivers. I always looked forward to our lessons and will genuinely miss them and our insightful conversations that resulted from you being so easy to get along with. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience over the past six months, it’s been an absolute pleasure and couldn’t have done it without you!!

Rosie Beeston Test Centre 17th June 2015

I feel very lucky to have come across Martin as my first instructor – he’s a great teacher! I thought learning to drive would be really hard & take a very long time but with Martin’s patience & guidance it was actually easy and enjoyable. Thank you so much for your help!

Nora Beeston Test Centre 23rd May 2015

I would like to express my great thanks and gratitude for the way that you have accommodated my learning style and have been very supportive and obliging. I have come a long way and really appreciate your time in teaching me good strategies and techniques. You have shown me ways to cope when things haven’t gone to plan and you have given me hope and determination to persevere when I felt like giving up. The result is that I have developed into a safe and competent driver. I appreciate your help, guidance and contributions to this very important life skill. Thank you again- your approach will help me take a good attitude as I take to the road on my own.

To anyone considering Martin as an instructor, I have no hesitation in recommending him as he is extremely receptive and responsive to individual needs, and tailors his teaching styles accordingly.

Mel Beeston Test Centre 30th April 2015

Thank you Martin for all the support you’ve given me through my driving lessons. I wasn’t the most confident of starters but you’ve built my confidence, my skills, my awareness, but most of all my enjoyment of driving. I’ve learnt a lot while driving with you, and it’s been an absolute delight to be able to stay with you even when I moved from Nottingham to Leicester – it was definitely the right choice, I wouldn’t have wanted to learn with another instructor. It’s been a tough final year at uni and beyond, but I’ve always looked forward to my lessons and I’ll be sorry to have to end them. You are calm, understanding and so considerate in your approach to teaching. Thank you for everything and I am looking forward to my pass plus lessons in the future!! Maddy x

Maddy Beeston Test Centre 26th March 2015

Dear Martin, thanks you for helping, tweaking and boosting my confidence whilst staying calm and encouraging whilst driving. You are a very good genuine instructor that has made me enjoy driving, thank you loads! Krupa x

Krupa Colwick Test Centre 13th February 2015

I am so grateful for your time and will be in touch for Pass Plus! Thanks again. It’s been a pleasure learning with you

3rd February 2015

I want to thank you for being a great driving instructor. You are patient, calm and genuine.

Learning to drive has taught me more than simply operating a machine.

Thanks very much!

Deepshri Beeston Test Centre 16th October 2014

Changed three instructors and failed three tests?! Yes, it was me – defeated and frustrated. Getting the UK driving licence had turned out a tortuous experience before I met Martin. Within just a few lessons with him, Martin helped me restore my confidence, polish my skills and finally claim a victory of a long battle! Never enough word can be said to express my gratitude and appreciation to Martin for his professional and excellent teaching and generous support. Thank you Martin, I just wish I have found you earlier! But nevertheless, not only I can drive now, but I will enjoy driving for the rest of my life! That is the most invaluable thing you have given to me!

Zhen Beeston Test Centre 8th October 2014

Martin is a brilliant teacher who worked with me for 9 months. He taught me to an excellent standard and understood exactly how I needed to learn and at what pace. He built my confidence up each week in the individual lessons and I am very grateful to him as it resulted in me passing first time. Thank you Martin!

Lydia Beeston Test Centre 3rd October 2014

I would never think I’ll pass my test in such a short period of time. I would really like to say a BIG thank you to Martin for all the encouragement and support throughout. You really calmed me down a lot and changed my life. Thank you x

Eva Beeston Test Centre 27th August 2014

I started off driving with Martin with no experience whatsoever. He had a lot of patience with me and worked at my own pace. It was not long until we built a bond which helped me to feel comfortable to make silly mistakes and learn from them. After 7 months, I passed first time. I wasn’t confident enough that I would pass but Martin believed in me and pushed me reach my full potential. I now feel that I will be safe when driving on the road by myself. My Tuesday mornings will not be the same without my driving lessons. And I highly recommend anyone to drive with Martin!

Louisa Beeston Test Centre 24th June 2014

I enjoyed the lessons, the teaching was good and helped my confidence a lot and meant I pass my test first time, so thanks!

Caitlin Beeston Test Centre 23rd June 2014

Dear Martin

Thank you very much for helping me with my driving. I feel a lot more confident and feel I have come a long way since my first lesson.

Improving my driving meant a lot to me and I am very grateful you helped me make it happen.

Thank You


Lucy University of Nottingham 19th June 2014

Thanks Martin. You were a great instructor!

Natasha Clarendon Street 20th May 2014

I found the lessons very well paced and Martin was very good at quickly identifying points for improvement, and planning lessons accordingly. His approach has really helped to build my confidence, and the opportunity to have lessons outside of the regular slot (evenings and busier times) was really good. Thank you!

Hannah Beeston Test Centre 19th May 2014

Just to say thank you so much for teaching Harry to drive, and getting him through his test. Much appreciated.

Harry's Mum Colwick Test Centre 7th May 2014

Martin is a really friendly and considerate instructor. He was great at listening to my concerns and helping me understand when and why I had made mistakes in my driving. I felt really at ease learning with Martin and will certainly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor.

Phoebe Clarendon Street Test Centre 6th May 2014

I found Martin’s guidance really helpful and he was patient and supportive throughout, thanks!

Mohini Clarendon Street Test Centre 1st May 2014

Martin is a patient and understanding instructor. He is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in preparing the new driver for both the test and everyday driving after! I found his tips for manoeuvres very helpful and easy to follow.

Li Yen Beeston Test Centre 11th April 2014

Thank you so much for all your guidance (but mostly patience) with me. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Jo Beeston Test Centre 8th April 2014

I don’t think I would have had the courage to get back in a car but, from talking to you the very first time, you made me believe that I can do it. So, once again, thank you very very much

Mrs Kaur NG7 8th March 2014

Just wanted to say thank you very much for my lessons and words of wisdom!

Megan Beeston Test Centre 7th March 2014

default image

Thank you for assisting Kieran in successfully passing his test. We really appreciate it.

Kieran’s Mum Colwick Test Centre 27th February 2014

Martin was a fantastic instructor, very patient and adapted the lessons to suit my needs and came up with a well worked out plan to enable me to gain confidence and pass first time

Doug Beeston Test Centre 22nd January 2014

Thanks for being a fantastic, extremely patient and friendly driving instructor.

Louise Beeston Test Centre 8th November 2013

Martin is the perfect driving instructor. His tuition is comprehensive and tailored to suit the sort of driver you are whilst his calm, friendly attitude puts you completely at ease. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough and look forward to doing a motorway lesson before I go home for Christmas. From the moment I sat in the car my learning was a positive experience. It’s a shame it’s all over really!

Alice Colwick Test Centre 4th November 2013

Martin was recommended to me by one of my clients, after my disappointing experience learning with two other instructors. Not only did he manage to restore my confidence but also polished my driving skills effectively. I was impressed with his professional approach and consistent teaching. He was very generous with his time and extensive advice. His calm and patient attitude truly helped me overcome one of the biggest challenges in my adult life. As an older and anxious student, I found his expertise and wisdom invaluable in guiding me through my steep learning curve. I’m very grateful and can’t praise him enough.

Iwona Clarendon Street Test Centre 24th October 2013

Just wanted to thank you again for all your patience and professionalism from day one of my complete beginner lessons to the last learner drive. I would definitely say that a good instructor is the key. You have always provided excellent explanations and tips in an enjoyable and friendly environment, and planned lessons the best way to enhance my learning process. Your honesty, regular feedback and tracking my progress was much appreciated too. I have recommended you to my relatives and friends, as I am certain you will provide them with the same enjoyable and first class tuition.

Yuliya Beeston Test Centre 3rd October 2013

Thoroughly professional instructor, with great attention to detail, as well as providing a friendly learning experience. Being taught by Martin, your odds of passing are likely to shoot up! Most importantly, you will be a good driver at the end of the process

Umer Beeston Test Centre 18th September 2013

I have had a great experience learning from Martin. I am sure that it was partly due to his attention to detail that led to my passing first time.

Coleman Clarendon Street Test Centre 10th September 2013

I wanted to say a sincere “thank you” to you for all your excellent teaching, your infinite patience and your invaluable advice. I really appreciate the efforts you made to make the lessons possible for me, for putting in extra time when possible and for making lessons so enjoyable. I would happily recommend you to other learners; you made the whole process so much smoother. Thank you.

Helen Beeston Test Centre 23rd August 2013

Thanks Martin, I still can’t believe I did it. Still buzzing! Thanks for your patience and time.

Monika Watnall Test Centre 19th August 2013

Martin is a great instructor. He never gets angry or frustrated and always allows you to learn at your own pace and never rushes you. I would highly recommend his services as an instructor

Damian Watnall Test Centre 16th July 2013

I thought Martin was a very good instructor who picked up and taught to my learning style very quickly, which enabled me to grasp concepts and manoeuvres easily and led me to pass my test first time.

Tom Beeston Test Centre 8th July 2013

Thank you for all the support and patience you gave me throughout my driving period. Rain, snow or sunshine, you collected me on time. You ensured I did not miss my lessons even getting me slots at short notice. You have made me a confident driver. I could not have asked for a better instructor. It’s a great job you are doing out there and keep doing it.

Gichanga Watnall Test Centre 6th July 2013

I’d like to say that Martin’s patience is endless, he instilled calmness and confidence in my driving and his guidance was excellent. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Bhargav Watnall Test Centre 15th May 2013

Thanks for all your help Martin

Ben Colwick Test Centre 4th May 2013

Thank you very much and thank you for all your help. I have had very pleasurable sessions because you managed to stay calm even if I did something wrong and explain to me my mistakes using various approaches. Thank you very much.

Vlad Colwick Test Centre 16th March 2013

I want to thank you for all the help you gave me. I honestly don't think I'd have passed with anyone else. You really boosted my confidence because I couldn't even imagine a day that I'd actually pass 🙂

Charlie Woodhouse Way (Temporary Test Centre) 7th March 2013

Thank you so much for all your guidance over the last few months. I felt that you got to know me as an individual and really helped me focus on my strengths and weaknesses in order to become a good driver, especially when I used to beat myself up over silly mistakes (as I tend to do!). You always gave me encouragement and advice on how to improve. I would recommend you to anyone looking for an instructor in the future.

Vanessa Chalfont Drive Test Centre 18th February 2013

Thank you again for teaching me how to learn and pass first time! I have already been recommending you as my friends/family didn’t think first time passing was possible!

Suzanna Chalfont Drive Test Centre 17th January 2013

Martin has been a great driving instructor. He is calm, supportive and explains things clearly which made the whole experience very smooth and relaxed. I am now a confident driver after having passed my test first time and am looking forward to my Pass Plus sessions!

Marie Chalfont Drive Test Centre 12th December 2012

Thank you Martin for all your support and encouragement, which made me a better driver. You were very flexible with your hours especially while trying to fit it around my busy schedule. I would recommend you to anyone who wants an instructor who is patient, supportive, flexible with hours and who has an adaptive & structured teaching style.

Subhadra Chalfont Drive Test Centre 10th December 2012

Martin was always calm, encouraging and never made me feel nervous. Thank you again so much for all your patience and for giving me so much confidence!

Mel Chalfont Drive Test Centre 21st November 2012

You taught me at my own pace and obviously very well as I passed first time!

Robin Chalfont Drive Test Centre 2nd November 2012

Thanks a bunch Martin! I was apprehensive at first about driving but your supportive, professional and adaptive teaching style boosted my confidence and enabled me to pass.

Luke Chalfont Drive 26th October 2012

I just wanted to thank Martin for helping me pass my test. He listened to what I wanted and made it happen and I’m really happy with the whole experience.

Alishba Chalfont Drive Test Centre 13th October 2012

Thank you very much Martin. It’s been one of the happiest days today! And I want to thank you for getting me there and for all your patience and support! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Georgina Chalfont Drive Test Centre 2nd October 2012

Thank you sosososoooo much for teaching me to drive. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do all my life and now I finally can!

Lauren Chalfont Drive Test Centre 27th June 2012

Martin was my instructor for a really short time and was absolutely fantastic. Not just helped me with my driving skills, also built my confidence and fears of driving. Very professional and dedicated in his work to help pupils achieve a pass. First time with Martin and I passed. I would recommend him to everybody.

Ivania Chalfont Drive Test Centre 26th March 2012