Current Availability – Updated June 2021

This article, about my current availability, was updated on 11th June 2021 and will be updated again towards the end of June.


Driving lessons resumed on 12th April after a period of over three months where lessons were not possible (due to Covid restrictions). The fact that driving lessons (and tests) have not been permitted for 7 out of the last 12 months means that there is a significant backlog e.g. I have two learners who started lessons with me in the autumn of 2019 who would have been expected to have passed their test by summer 2020 but have had their test delayed and are now taking them in summer 2021 … a year later than expected.  This is a typical story for many learners and means that many learners are still taking lessons and occupying slots that would usually have been available to other learners.

Current Demand for Lessons

During the time when lessons and tests have been put on hold, several 16 year olds turned 17 and were looking to start driving lessons. In fact, I’ve had more enquiries for lessons sicne April than I usually get in two years.  I would expect every instructor to be in similar position. The current demand is made worse due to the fact that many instructors (who have not been allowed to work for 7 months, unable to earn a living and concerned about the risk of further lockdowns) have decided to stop providing driving lessons and change profession.

My Current Position

I am currently working 7 days a week, including 5 regular evenings and all my slots are currently filled with regular learners. Four slots made available by learners who have passed their test since late April (to mid June) have already been taken and two more new learners (due to start in July) had made plans to start several weeks/months ago.  I also have a couple of learners who have booked summer courses with me (from mid June to mid September), filling the gaps that will be left by university students who will leave Nottingham in the summer.

Although I do not have any regular slots available to offer to new pupils at the moment,  I may be able to accommodate a Pass Plus course or Refresher Sessions for qualified drivers, or a mock test for learners (subject to mutual availability).


Driving lesson slots only become available after an existing learner stops their lessons (which is usually after passing a test), with the slot becoming available usually being at a specific time on a specific day. As more learners take and pass their test over the next few months, all driving instructors will have slots become available again.

With 14 more of the learners currently taking lessons with me due to take their driving test during the summer (from mid June to mid October), I expect to be in a position to take on new pupils from September.  While I do not operate a waiting list, if you are looking to start your lessons later in the year and live in the NG8 or NG9 area (or the Lenton or Dunkirk parts of NG7), please feel to contact me now to register your interest in advance and explore your options.  However, please do not contact me if you have already booked a test and are simply looking for a few lessons and/or a car to use on the day of test.

In the meantime, you are welcome to access free theory training (with a four month waiting list for driving tests, it is vitally important that study for the theory test is done at an early stage).