Current Availability – From January 2022

This article, about my current availability, was updated on 13th January 2022

My Current Position

I currently have a regular morning slot available on Tuesday and Friday mornings (9-10:30am). Due to other commitments and traffic before 9am, this slot will only be offered to learners living in Wollaton (except on roads off the Ring Road (Middleton Boulevard), due to the level of traffic before 9am), Bilborough and the Bramcote Hills area.


Depending on the time of year, I have around 20-25 permanent slots each week.  As most learners have regular, weekly lessons, these slots are usually occupied for several weeks/months ahead and only become available when a current learner stops their lesson permanently (usually after they pass their test).

I do periodically review my availability (and especially after each test pass) and hope to have one or two more slots becoming available by the end of January with another one possibly becoming available in mid February. Given the recent high demand for lessons, I am prioritising requests from learners who live closest to me and who are looking to have regular weekly lessons.

Please note that I do not expect any weekend slots becoming available until late spring/early summer. In addition, evening slots are only available between March and October and I have already taken bookings for two regular evening slots.

Current Demand for Lessons

Since lockdown restrictions were lifted in mid April 2021, there has been a significant and continuous demand for driving lessons. I had nearly 1000 messages or phone calls from people looking for an instructor during 2021. To put this into context, I usually have the capacity to support around 50 learners every year.

I should add that, at least once a week, I get a request from a learner who has a test booked in the following week and wants to book a lesson or two and use my car for the test!  Please note that I do not provide such a service and only allow my car to be used on a test by learners who have been having regular lessons with me (over several weeks/months) and have been assessed as being ready to take their test.

Registering Interest

Given that I had so many enquiries last year, I have stopped operating a traditional waiting list. In my experience, most people who ask to go on such a list have found another instructor by the time I have a slot available anyway. However, I do maintain a small list of people who live close to me, have expressed a keenness in appointing me as their instructor in the future, are happy to wait and are not looking for another instructor. If this applies to you and you are seriously interested in appointing me, please contact me in writing to register your interest (letting me know your location, requirements, driving background and your own availability). I will then respond with an outlook of if and when I could provide support.

If you are a fully qualified driver looking for a limited number of Refresher Sessions or a Pass Plus course, there may be an option for these short term sessions (filling gaps in my diary when regular pupils are not available for lessons or have cancelled a lesson e.g. when self isolating). However, please note that the nature of these cancellations is that these sessions can be difficult to book in advance.