Pass Rate

As we are now in January 2024,  I’ve taken the opportunity to update the statistics of practical tests covering every test taken in my car since I started recording driving test results (in 2012). As I’ve found that the pass rate for learners who have more than one instructor is much lower than for those who have one instructor throughout their lessons, I show my statistics in this way.

Following a pass rate of 80% during 2023, my overall pass rate over the last 12 years is now 75% for learners who took all their lessons with me i.e. 75% of all tests undertaken in my car between 2012 and the end of 2023, by learners who started learning to drive with me, resulted in a pass.  This rate compares to 56% for learners who took their test with me but had most of their lessons with another instructor and, in many cases, had already taken and failed a test before starting lessons with me. This compares to the national average pass rate of just 46% (from DVSA stats published for the year ending March 2018).

In addition, 79% of learners who passed their test after taking all their lessons with me passed first time and 19% passed on their second attempt (with 2% of learners passing on their third attempt). The success rate is much lower for learners who had lessons with other instructors first or even took and failed at least one test before starting lessons with me (62% of those who passed did it on their first attempt and 24% on their second attempt with 14% of these learners needing 3 or 4 attempts before passing).

Please be aware that the result of a driving test reflects the performance of a learner’s driving in test conditions. Some learners, who drive very well in their lessons, find it difficult to cope with their nerves when being scrutinised by an examiner.

Finally, do be careful when looking to compare my pass rate with other instructors. I keep accurate records and update a published position every year. However, while many instructors may tell you that they have an “excellent pass rate” or a “high rate rate”, I have never seen any other instructor publish their actual pass rate.