Facebook Page

My business Facebook page was initially designed (many years ago) as a way of advertising my services and promoting my website. The purpose of the page evolved to being a useful platform where I could keep my pupils up to date with relevant driving news, related to their learning.  However, there has been very little engagement with my Facebook page in recent years.  All my new pupils over the last five years have contacted me through other channels or through a recommendation from a friend who was a previous pupil or a sibling of a former pupil. In addition, while recent changes in Facebook’s business pages means that it is no longer possible to know who is following my business page, I do not believe that any of my current pupils are followers of my page. Perhaps this is simply because Facebook is less appealing to the current generation of under 21 year olds but it means that a lot of time and effort is being spent to post relevant articles that are not even being seen by my own pupils. Given all this, I have decided to deactivate my Facebook page. All my current pupils now receive a monthly newsletter to keep them informed of up to date information.

Although Facebook Messenger remains active. It is not my preferred method of contact (unlike WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger does not have a default encryption service so messages are not private). Therefore, any references to my Facebook business page or contacting me by Facebook Messenger have been removed from my website.