Loyalty & Reliability Reward Scheme

A reward scheme is in place to provide benefits to learners who have demonstrated an aspect of loyalty (having at least 10 lessons) and reliability (paying for lessons promptly and not cancelling lessons at short notice, other than for illness). The main benefits are:-

1. Online Theory Support. Access to a free subscription for online theory training – (after 10 lessons).

2. In-Car Theory Support. Offered to those learners who are taking lessons with me but have failed their theory test.  This support is provided as free additional time within usual scheduled lessons.

3. Access to dashcam training videos.  These are accessed from password protected pages on my website (after taking 10 lessons)

4. Access to a password protected page of my website, containing my own written guides to driving e.g. roundabouts, manoeuvres and preparation for a practical driving test (after taking 10 lessons)

5. Free Driving in Dark Hour Session (worth £40 – if one of your friends takes at least 10 lessons with me after being recommended by you)

6. For learners who have had at least 25 hours of lessons with me, the use of my car for the practical driving test will be free of charge. Furthermore, if the learner has demonstrated reliability i.e. paid for lessons promptly and had regular weekly lessons without cancelling any lessons at short notice (other than for illness), the lesson on the day of the test will be free as well.

7. Free Driving Health Check (provided to newly qualified drivers, available for up to a year after passing the test, providing at least 25 hours of lessons were taken with me)

8. 20% off the price of the Pass Plus Course (if taken with me) after you have passed your test

Please note that the above benefits are subject to periodic review and may change from time to time without notice.

If you are looking to start lessons but are not yet having lessons with me, please contact me to express an interest, like my Facebook page and send me a message from Facebook or call me on 0798 011 1234 (or message me by text or WhatsApp).