Free Driving Health Check

The unfortunate reality is that over 20% of all newly qualified drivers are involved in an accident within the first year of driving. In general, this is usually due to a lack of experience but can also sometimes be due to overconfidence, risk-taking or perhaps a bit of complacency (not consistently applying the disciplines that they were taught as a learner). Although inexperience rather than age is the biggest factor, it is useful to note that nearly 9% of all fatal/serious accidents involve a driver under 19 (yet only 1.5% of all drivers are under 19 years old).

In an effort to help reduce the chances of “my” learners getting involved in an accident in the year after they pass their test, I now offer a FREE post test consultation to my former learners (providing they had at least 25 hours of lessons with me, leading up to the day of their test).  This session involves an in-car discussion about driving experiences since passing the driving test followed by a short “driving health check” and additional support/advice. This session can be requested at anytime by the former learner but is usually best provided within the first year of driving, after passing a test.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, this session can only be taken in my car (which is subject to sanitising routines before and after each lesson).