Special Offers

Any learner who ‘Likes’ my Facebook Business Page has the option of a free introductory meeting. This meeting (held in my car) is an opportunity to explore your thoughts and plans BEFORE deciding on which instructor you want to choose.

For brand new learner drivers, I currently provide a Free Introductory Meeting followed by a Taster Session (up to 2.5 hours for £42) to help you make sure that I am the right driving instructor for you, before committing to a plan of lessons.

For learners who already have some driving experience, I offer a Free Consultation followed by a Trial Lesson (2 hours for £42, which is £12 off the usual 2 hour lesson price). The combined consultation and trial lesson are designed to give you the opportunity to meet me, explore your requirements in more detail and make sure that I am the right instructor for you. It also helps me to assess what stage you are at. However, this offer is not available to learners who have taken a test within the last six months, have already booked a practical driving test (or plan to take a test within the next month).

Please note that my standard prices apply after any introductory offer.

All my learners enter my Loyalty Reward Scheme after they have had 15 hours of lessons.

For NHS staff, who are also brand new learners (i.e. who have no previous driving experience), I offer a special introductory offer and a discounted rate (for more details of discounts for NHS employees, please visit discount offers for NHS Trust Members Nottingham).

To book or enquire about any of my introductory sessions, please contact me using my contact form, by telephone or send me a message (text, WhatsApp or through Facebook) using any of the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Benefits and discounts for NHS staff Nottingham