Trial Session

This Trial Session is aimed at learner drivers who already have some driving experience (e.g. having had driving lessons with another driving instructor or hold a foreign driving licence), providing that a practical test has not already been taken within the last year and is not currently booked (or planned to be taken within the next two months). The two hour session is charged at the current rate for a 1.5 hour lesson.

The session is expected to last 2 hours but may last a little longer (especially if we have not met or spoken before the session). If we have not met or spoken already, we’ll spend about 15 minutes discussing your needs in more detail (to help me identify your learning style, enable you to understand my teaching methods and lesson structure) and I will need to check your eyesight and view your driving licence.  The content of the session will depend on the extent of your driving experience (and how recently you have driven) but I aim to provide you with the opportunity to drive on the variety of roads and junctions that you are capable of driving and allow you the opportunity to demonstrate any reverse manoeuvres that you are already confident in performing.

A review at the end of the session will highlight areas that may require further attention and help form a lesson plan. There is no commitment to purchase any further lessons (full details of lesson prices can be found in the Prices section of this website) but please note that this Trial Lesson is subject to my availability.

Please also note that a Taster Session is available for brand new learners (i.e. those who have no driving experience and have not already had any driving lessons).

To book or enquire about my Trial Session, please contact me using my contact form, by telephone or send me a message (text or WhatsApp) using any of the contact details at the bottom of this page.