Introductory Meeting

I have always offered an introductory meeting for new pupils (and/or their parents) who liked my Facebook page. The meeting was aimed at people who are looking for a driving instructor (and wanted to meet me prior to appointing their driving instructor).  However, since the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become essential that this meeting is arranged and held before any lessons begin (to have a chat about the new approach for driving lessons and our joint responsibilities that are aimed to help reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus). Unfortunately, since the Covid-19 pandemic, and given that social distancing requirements cannot be met within a car, this meeting will be held in your garden or, if this is not possible, in a quiet, public, outdoor location (e.g. a park) close to where you live (where social distancing can be met). During the colder, winter months this meeting will be a phone meeting followed by an extended first lesson (at no extra charge).

The meeting is also used to help me fully understand your needs, expectations and your style of learning (which can be easier to establish fully rather than by email, text and phone alone) but is mainly an opportunity for you to meet me, ask me questions, and learn a little about how I work (my teaching methods and lesson structure) and discuss a potential lesson plan.

Please note that the introductory meeting is without any obligation to purchasing driving lessons (full details of lesson prices can be found in the Prices section of this website) but is subject to your location, my availability (to accommodate your future lesson plans) and only arranged as part of the Registration Package. It can be arranged in addition to a Taster Session.

To book or express an interest in taking lessons with me, please contact me using my contact form, by telephone or send me a message (text, WhatsApp or through Facebook) using any of the contact details at the bottom of this page.