Taster Session

I offer a Taster Session which is aimed towards brand new learners (i.e. without any previous driving experience). If possible, I usually encourage the Taster Session to be held at the weekend or after 6.30pm (in the spring and summer), where quieter roads (preferably on or near deserted industrial roads) can be used.

The Taster Session is scheduled for up to 2.5 hours as this includes me driving you to and from an suitable location to hold the session and gives you a full 2 hours of lesson time but charged at the price of a 1.5 hour lesson.

As part of a Registration Package, I do offer a Introductory Meeting before the Taster Session but, if we haven’t met before the Taster Session, we’ll spend about 15 minutes discussing your needs in more detail (to help me identify your learning style, enable you to understand my teaching methods and lesson structure and discuss a potential lesson plan).

After driving you to a suitable location, we’ll swap seats and commence with learning about routine safety procedures and the car’s main controls (and includes some practical exercises). This usually takes about 45 minutes. After this, we will explore how to move off, change gear and stop the car (and some other exercises to commence developing some basic skills, to prepare you for driving on more traditional public roads in the second session).

The final 15-20 minutes of the Taster Session is used to reflect on the areas covered, discussing next steps and returning home (depending on where you live, I will usually drive you home at the end of the first lesson). There is no commitment to purchase any further lessons (full details of standard lesson prices can be found in the Prices section of this website) but please note that my Taster Session is subject to my availability.

To book or enquire about my Taster Session, please contact me using my contact form, by telephone or send me a message (text or WhatsApp) using any of the contact details at the bottom of this page.