From June 2020, I am introducing a new Registration Package for learners who wish to start their lessons with me.

The Registration Package costs £5. This is a one-off fee but acts as a nominal contribution towards the cost of the following benefits:-

1. Registering you so that you are insured to drive my car

2. Holding an introductory meeting or consultation session with you (before lessons can commence)

3. Registering you for Loyalty Reward Scheme (summarised below, but subject to change without notice)

  • Immediate access to Online Theory Training – Limited Access (Upgraded to Full Access after 10 lessons)
  • Immediate access to 3D Animated Training Programme (Free for Three Months)
  • Access to Dashcam Training Videos (featuring me driving) – After 10 lessons
  • Access to my written guides – After 10 lessons
  • Free Driving in Dark Hour Session (worth £35) if one of your friends takes at least 10 lessons with me
  • Free Driving Health Check (within the first year after passing a test, after taking at least 25 hours of lessons)
  • 20% off the Pass Plus Course with me after you have passed your test
  • Free use of car for the driving test (providing at least 25 hours of lessons have been taken)

Please note that, prior to registration, a health risk assessment will be carried out. This has been designed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to help protect the new pupil, existing pupils, myself and all our respective households from the risks associated with coronavirus.