From June 2020, I am introducing a new Registration Fee for learners who wish to start their lessons with me.

The Registration Fee costs £5.  This is a one-off and non-refundable fee to secure a booking, ensure a payment method is set up and act as a nominal contribution towards the cost of the following additional benefits provided to my learners:-

1.  An introductory meeting or consultation session with you before lessons commence (see note 2 below)

2. Inclusion in Loyalty Reward Scheme (summarised below, but subject to change without notice)

  • Immediate free, limited access to Online Theory Training – (Upgraded to Full Access after 10 lessons)
  • Free Access to Dashcam Training Videos (featuring me driving) – After 10 lessons (earlier at my discretion)
  • Free Access to my written guides – After 10 lessons (earlier at my discretion)
  • Free Driving in Dark Hour Session (worth £35) if one of your friends takes at least 10 lessons with me
  • Free use of my driving school car for the driving test (providing at least 25 hours of lessons have been taken)
  • Free Driving Health Check (within the first year after passing a test, after taking at least 25 hours of lessons)
  • 20% off the Pass Plus Course with me after you have passed your test


1.Prior to registration, a health risk assessment will be carried out. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this review is more extensive (in order to help protect the new pupil, existing pupils, myself and all our respective households from the risks associated with coronavirus).

2.The introductory meeting/consultation meeting is usually held in my car.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the meeting will be held outdoors, either in a public place or in your garden (if restrictions permit this). However, during the colder winter months, the face to face meeting is replaced with a phone meeting and the first meeting extended (without additional charge) to allow some extra time to meet in person (socially distanced, outside the car, without face coverings).