Test Preparation

The Covid pandemic has resulted in a very long waiting list for practical tests at the moment. Given this, practical tests usually have to be booked several months in advance. This means that it is very difficult to predict if a learner will be ready to take their test at the time of booking it.

Learners not only need to feel confident and suitably prepared to take their test but also that they feel ready to drive independently after they pass.  Therefore, it is vitally important that an open conversation is held at the end of each lesson to review progress and, in the weeks leading up to the test, an assessment of readiness for the test is discussed. Alongside verbal support and reviews, my learners are also offered mock tests, supporting videos and guides to help their preparation.

The decision on when to book a test (or to take the test) is, therefore, a mutual decision and subject to periodic discussion, review and a structured preparation plan.