Scholarship Programme


To mark the 10th anniversary of qualifying to be a driving instructor, I have set up a formal scholarship programme. The aim of this programme is to help provide a local pupil with the opportunity to develop their driving skills that they might not otherwise be able to do without some form of financial support.

While any support I offer will be entirely at my discretion and tailored to the individual needs of the pupil, it could involve:-

  1. Subsidised lessons
  2. Extra free time (e.g. paying for one hour lessons but getting 2 hour lessons i.e. getting 100% extra free time)
  3. Free time (after failing a test)
  4. Dedicated free non-driving time (e.g. for those people who need extra help studying for the theory).

My aim during 2022 is to always have at least one place in my diary allocated to a pupil on my scholarship programme. However, given that most people take 6-9 months to develop their skills, this means that places on the programme will be limited to two or three places next year.

Aside of the usual criteria for accepting new pupils (location and mutual availability), the additional criteria for selection into this programme will focus on both the financial circumstances of the individual and the positive impact of being able to drive (e.g. enhancing job prospects, reducing long journeys on public transport or being able to travel to help elderly relatives).

If you are interested, please contact me for more details (applications need to be submitted by the end of January 2022). While availability on my programme will be limited to one individual at a time, if you live in NG8 or NG9 or parts of NG7 (within the Chilwell Test Area) and feel that you may qualify or simpy wish to explore this opportunity (and happy to talk about your personal, financial circumstances) please contact me in writing first of all by emailing me at   Once I’ve assessed your circumstances, I may invite you to a free informal meeting to explore further options. Any offer of a place on the scholarship programme with result in a variance to the usual terms and require the individual to demonstrate that they are reliable, flexible, fully committed to learning and fully focussed on their goal.

If you are under 18 years old or still live at home with parents, any application should be submitted by a parent/guardian and their financial circumstances will be considered.

Please note that any personal, financial or private information you provide to me will be kept confidential.