Unlike many driving instructors (who would charge for any lesson cancelled with less than 48 hours notice), I have a more relaxed and pragmatic approach.  However, with several lessons being cancelled this week, I thought that it would be useful to highlight my approach.

1. Illness/Family Emergency– I do not charge for lessons cancelled due to a genuine illness (that would affect your ability to drive or learn) or due to an emergency effecting an immediate family member, providing that I am advised at least one hour before the scheduled start time. Since March 2020, this has changed further to reflect that there is no charge applied to any cancellation (regardless of the amount of notice given) if the cancellation is due to Covid-19 related illness/symptoms.

2. Other Reasons – I do not charge for lessons cancelled for any other reason (e.g. change in work shift), providing that I am advised at least 48 hours before the scheduled start time.

3. Cancellation Charges – I will apply a charge (for the full cost of the lesson cancelled) where insufficient notice has been given.

4. Repetitive Cancellations – If three or more lessons are cancelled, consideration will be given to stop providing future lessons.

5. Reliability Reward – Pupils who have had at least 25 hours of lessons with me AND have not cancelled any lessons are rewarded with a free session and free use of the car on the day of their test.

These conditions are detailed in Section 10 and Section 13 (iv) of my terms of business (which are agreed by pupils prior to commencing lessons).