Pass at Chilwell Test Centre

Pass at Chilwell Test Centre
Chilwell Test Centre
9th May 2023

Having recently passed my test with Martin in May, I must stress how fortunate I was to have him as my driving instructor. Martin is not only a true professional, but also someone with the patience and understanding of a saint. As well as teaching me to drive up to test standard, he equipped me with the skills and knowledge in order to drive confidently on my own.
Being a university student with an ‘unconventional’ timetable where no two weeks are the same, I struggled to believe that learning to drive whilst at university was possible. However, Martin always did his best to accommodate to my busy schedule, which made me feel at ease. Thanks to Martin, the ability to drive will make it much easier for me to get to and from placement!
If you are looking for a patient and reliable instructor, who will teach you up to a standard where you are truly confident in your ability, then look no further than Martin. I will 100% recommend Martin to anybody who is looking for manual driving lessons in the area.