First Time Pass at Chilwell

First Time Pass at Chilwell
Chilwell Test Centre
3rd May 2022

Learning with Martin has really been a pleasure. Having learnt over a long period of time and with extended breaks, Martin was very flexible and communicative, making sure that I was comfortable in starting to learn again during COVID. Throughout the lessons, Martin adapted to suit my learning style such as the use of analogies and visualisation but also pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me so I felt as prepared as I could for my driving test. He was supportive and encouraging throughout and his feedback, both verbal and written, was always welcome. The resources on his website such as the guides and roundabout videos were also very clear and useful.

This culminated in passing my test first time with only 3 minors but most importantly coming away feeling safe and confident on the road. Thank you Martin for helping me achieve this milestone!