Practising Between Lessons

Some people have the opportunity to practise between lessons (e.g. with parents). This is something that I fully encourage and, managed in the right way, will help you gain valuable driving experience, help you save money (on lessons) and mean that you could be ready for your test sooner (than if you simply relied on driving lessons).  I also think that it is useful to drive in a different car (especially if it is one that you’ll use after passing your test) and with different people. As highlighted, to complement your lessons, practice sessions need to be structured and I will happily help plan this with you.  In my experience, parents or friends may not always focus on some of the important driving disciplines (e.g. correct use of door mirrors, blind spot checks or the key observation points during manoeuvres) or have an out of date view of driving techniques so it is important that you don’t lose the disciplines you’ve learnt in your lessons during practice sessions.  To help, I am happy to meet with the person who would be sitting next to you (to give them some guidance) and, with your consent, they could even sit in the back of the car for part of one of your lessons. If you are a student (whose parents do not live in Nottingham) and plan to practise with a parent when you go home, I am happy to have a chat with your parent (by phone) if you feel this would be beneficial.

Please note that, if practising in a private car, you will need to be insured. While some parents may seek to add you to their insurance, it can be better to take out insurance in your own name (i.e. not effecting your parents’ insurance policy). For more details visit my post about insurance.

Please also see an updated article which covers the legal requirement for supervision of a learner.