Practical Driving Test Preparation

It is important that we work closely together to ensure that you are ready to take your test before you book the test. A mock test can help provide an insight into how ready you are to take a test. In addition to discussions with me, I suggest you read through one of my guides to help you self-assess your readiness to take a test (there are three versions, one for each test centre in Nottingham).

We will develop a plan of activity required in the month leading up to your test. This is tailored to individual needs but will generally include a mock test, cover areas of weakness or where confidence is lacking, practise manoeuvres, refresh the emergency stop routine and regularly cover all the Show Me questions (as well as introduce the Tell Me questions). It is also important to have a chat about the day of the test so that you are fully briefed on what to expect on the day. It is inevitable that you will be nervous on the day of your test (and during the days leading up top it) so we’ll also chat about ways to deal with those nerves. For more information, have a read through the Driving Test page on this website.