Colwick Test Centre

The test centre at Colwick is the oldest of the current test centres in Nottingham (it was located there following the closure of the test centres at West Bridgford and Gedling). It is generally used by people who live on the east and south sides of Nottingham.

The test centre is located in a purpose built site, off an industrial road (used by several lorries, resulting in a severely pot-holed road). The test centre car park is in front of the test centre with most bays to the right (slightly up hill) although there are a few bays to the left as well. The waiting room is quite large and has two toilets available for use by learners and instructors. Care needs to be taken in leaving and returning to the test centre (as the exit road, where the gates are located, is narrow and bendy). Joining the main road (T-Junction), all tests will go left and leads to a new roundabout (built in 2016), which currently has just three exits.  Test routes from Colwick cover a wide area from West Bridgford, Edwalton, Gamston and Tollerton (south of the River Trent) through to The Meadows, the Lace Market and Broadmarsh parts of the city, Sneinton, Carlton, Mapperley Plains, Gedling, Netherfield, Stoke Bardolph and up to Burton Joyce, Lowdham and Lambley.  The trickiest roundabouts are the three along the Colwick Loop Road, the “BBC roundabout” and Nottingham Knight/Wheatcroft roundabouts (in West Bridgford).

Like most test centres, Colwick has about 25 different test routes. Routes published on the Internet for Colwick are out of date (published before major changes to the test format in 2017). Current routes are not published and are updated from time to time. While it is not sensible to prepare for a test by simply travelling around/trying to memorise test routes, it is helpful to be familiar with the general test area as it often includes many quirky roads and junctions.

If you are not familiar with the Colwick Test Centre area and have a test booked there, you might want to consider booking a lesson or two with me to explore some of the test area. Please be aware that, while I do not provide my car for use at a test for people who have already booked a test, I do offer a mock test service (subject to mutual availability). If you are interested, please contact me using my contact form, by telephone or send me a message (text or WhatsApp) using any of the contact details at the bottom of this page.