Lesson Times

My two standard morning slots begin at:-

8:30am or 9am, depending on the duration and location of the next session

11am or 11:30am, depending on the duration and location of the first session

My two standard afternoon slots begin at:-

1pm, 1:30pm or 2pm

3pm, 3:30pm or 4pm

My standard evening slot begins at:-

6:30pm or 7pm (depending on location)


  • Important Notes:
  • The start time of afternoon sessions is variable as it depends on whether earlier sessions were for 1½ or 2 hour lessons and where those learners live. Please also note that driving test times are variable and require a 2½ hour slot in my diary. Therefore, on days when I have a test scheduled, my standard lesson times are likely to change.
  • Regular evening slots are only offered during British Summer Time (BST) i.e. from end of March until end of October, as the evenings are lighter during these months.  While I do provide evening lessons during the autumn and winter months, I only offer these to people who want experience of driving in the dark.
  • Many learners have different schedules each week (especially shift workers or university students on placement) or do not know their plans until the week before. Taking into account the location of each learner and the fact that many learners are not able to have lessons at the same time on the same day every week, scheduling lessons can be a very complex matter!