Bramcote Island – New Road Markings

I noticed this week that the road markings in the middle of Bramcote Island have changed, which make travelling around the roundabout much easier:

1. From Nottingham (A52) to Ilkeston:- Previously there were two lanes in the middle section of the roundabout leading to Ilkeston and, rather dangerously, it changed to one lane just at the exit point. Now only one lane (the middle lane) leads to Ilkeston (with the right lane only leading to Nottingham).

2. From Bardills Roundabout to Bramcote or from Bramcote to Nottingham:- The road markings of the other side of the roundabout have also changed in the middle section. This means that it is much easier to find the correct path when travelling from Bramcote to Nottingham or from Bardills Roundabout to Bramcote.

Unfortunately, this means that many of my roundabout videos (only available to my learners) are now out of date but I will take the opportunity to record them again by the end of September. In the meantime, the following three short video clips (without audio) highlight the areas changed.