From April 2018, I will be using a dashcam in my driving school car. The dashcam I’ve chosen has two lenses; one facing out of the front window (to capture the road ahead) and a rear facing zoom lens (directed to the rear window to record what is going on behind my car).

While the primary focus is for safety purposes and for peace of mind, I also plan to use the dashcam for training purposes. Although I have yet to explore the practicalities, it should be possible to replay footage during a lesson (to help review and reflect on a particular situation). In the coming months I also plan to develop a series of videos of me driving (e.g. demonstrating how to tackle a tricky roundabout or performing the four test manoeuvres) which may be helpful to my learners to look at between lessons. More information about these videos will be communicated in the next couple of months.

Footage from the dashcam is captured on a loop system onto an SD card. Using a 64GB SD card, it will record for about 8 hours before looping back to record over earlier recordings. I only intend to save clips of your driving where we have agreed (at the end of a lesson) that it will be useful to review a particular situation again. If not agreed, the footage will be deleted after 8 hours of driving (a day or two).

To be clear, the aim is for the dashcam to be used to capture images of activity outside of the car and any footage will not identify the driver of my car.  If, in the future, I wish to use the dash cam in a way that will identify you, I will only do so after I have explained how the footage will be used and you have given permission.