Intensive Driving Lessons in Nottingham

Occasionally I am asked whether or not I provide intensive driving lessons but I am mindful that the term “intensive driving lessons” (or some people call them crash courses) is open to interpretation, so I’d like to provide my own definition and outline my approach to them.

Intensive Course – This could be 2 hour lessons every day or half day sessions (3 or 4 hours) over a short term period.

Semi Intensive Course – 2 or 3 driving lessons a week (2 hour sessions), for at least 6-8 weeks.

Semi Intensive Starter – 2 or 3 driving lessons a week for 2-3 weeks (followed by regular weekly lessons).

Learning to drive in an intensive manner is not a style of learning that suits everyone, so embarking on this route needs careful consideration. In my experience, the people who benefit most from such intensive courses are focused individuals who can commit to and are used to an intensive style of learning but do not have the opportunity to practise (e.g. with a parent) between lessons.

In my view, a semi intensive start is good compromise, as it helps to avoid large gaps between the early lessons (when there are a lot of new skills to develop and a lot of information to retain). Obviously, it depends on the individual’s learning style but I am happy to give semi intensive starter sessions to new learners and will also consider a semi intensive course for people who already know the basics and are approaching test standard.

Do be aware that some driving schools advertise training in one or two weeks (essentially 40-60 hours of lessons over a very short period). I don’t offer such courses to brand new learners as I personally don’t think that this is a way to become a competent driver or a safe driver. Driving schools that offer such courses often give a false impression of passing the practical test after the course (but it’s important to be aware that no driving instructor or driving school can provide such a guarantee).  It is also important to consider that the best driving instructors will be popular and, therefore, in high demand. It would, therefore, be unlikely that such an instructor would have space in their diary to dedicate such a large amount of time to one learner for a week or two.  You also need to bear in mind a practical test can only be booked after the theory test has been passed.

Before making a decision, you might want to read the testimony left by one learner who I taught to drive in a semi intensive and structured manner (she was a complete beginner and passed her test, on her first attempt, within 7 weeks).

If you are interested in learning in a more intensive way (in the Nottingham area), I would welcome the opportunity to chat through your plans with you and would suggest that you contact me to outline your plans in more detail.