Plans for 2023

As we move into 2023, I have decided to make plans for the new year and I’m happy to share five key aspects.

1. Although DVSA has yet to make any formal announcement about the future of Watnall Test Centre, given that test dates have not been published for Watnall test centre for several months, it has been difficult to make test plans for pupils who live in the Watnall test area. However, as all but one of my pupils who live in the Watnall area have now passed their test and all my current active pupils now live in the Chilwell test area, I have decided not to take on any more new pupils from outside of this area until DVSA announce the future of Watnall test centre and provide an alternative test location.

2. Given a change in personal circumstances, I have decided that my early morning slots will be reserved for pupils in Wollaton and my early evening slots (due to resume in March) will be allocated to pupils living in NG8 or those living in Bramcote Hills.

3. During the spring, I plan to re-record some of my training videos and explore options for some new videos.

4. I want to review my approach to Theory Support. I used to offer Theory Test Pro but found that very few pupils made use of this. Given that, I plan to explore alternative options.

5. The two year contract for my current car runs out in February 2024. Although this is over a year away, I want to have developed a plan for a replacement by the autumn.

Please note that all pupils registered with me are provided with a monthly email newsletter that provides an update on my plans and other topical driving lesson/test related information.