Short Notice Test Support

Aside from the fact that my diary is usually fully booked with learners taking regular lessons, I only take learners to a driving test if they have already taken several driving lessons with me and have been assessed (by me) as being ready to take their practical test.  As the performance of driving instructors is monitored by DVSA (and this is largely based on the performance of the learners they present to take a practical test), I do not jeopardise my reputation by presenting learners who I have not prepared for the test or are not ready to take a test.

Every week, I receive enquiries from learners who have learned how to drive with someone else, booked a test and are simply looking for an instructor to use their car for a test. These tests are usually booked within the next month but are often within the next week!  While there are sometimes genuine reasons for needing support at short notice, the most common reason is that their own instructor has assessed that they are not yet ready to take the test. Given the importance of my car in providing my business services, I do not hand over the keys to anyone without feeling totally confident that they are equipped to drive it safely without my supervision.

In addition, I occasionally get requests to access the supporting videos on my website. As a lot of my time has been invested in recording and editing these videos, I only allow access to learners who’ve been taking several (at least 10) lessons with me.

As dealing with these requests can be quite time consuming, I have decided that I will now only reply to enquiries for such requests with a link to this article.