Price Review

As a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, there will a new way of working when driving lessons resume. This is because it simply isn’t possible to adhere to social distancing within a car, so mitigating activities need to be put in place. This new way of working is designed to minimise the risk of spreading the virus to my pupils, myself and our respective households. In summary, this will involve disinfecting the inside of the car and outside door handles before and after every lesson. Aside of the additional cost (of cleaning products), this will be a timely activity which will mean that fewer lessons will be possible in the day.  In addition, hand sanitiser and face masks will need to be stocked.

Given the extra costs (time and money) of this new way of working, reluctantly, I need to increase prices to help contribute to this. The good news is that all my existing pupils and learners who registered with me before 31st May will not be affected by this changes (providing they are committed to resuming/starting lessons as soon as it is possible to do so).  Please note that all of my learners have 1.5 hour or 2 two hour lessons. Given the same amount of cleaning time will be required before and after a one hour lesson as would be required for a two hour lesson, the price for a one hour lesson has been increased proportionately more to reflect this.

I am also introducing a Registration Package for new learners. This costs £5 and a nominal charge as a small contribution to the admin cost of setting up a new pupil.