Coronavirus Update

This article, orginally posted on 1st March 2020, is reviewed regularly and updated as necessary

This latest revision is dated 23rd March (following the Prime Minister’s broadcast at 8:30pm)

Driving lessons will only go ahead if you are a key worker (working in a critical sector) and both of us (and everyone in our respective households) are fully fit at the time of your lesson. I do not charge if a lesson is cancelled due to illness and this approach extends to situations where any member of your household is suffering from any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms e.g. a new and persistent/continuous cough or a fever/high temperature above 37.8 degrees (as all people living in the same household should now be self isolating for 14 days). If I am experiencing symptoms, I will also need to self isolate for 7 days and all scheduled lessons for that period will be cancelled. If a member of my household begins to suffer from these symptoms, this period of self isolation will extend to 14 days (but I will notify you as soon as possible).

However, it is important to stress that you MUST now cancel any driving lesson if you are suffering from the symptoms of ANY virus, however minor it may appear e.g. sore throat, cold, headache, sneezing (and also cancel any lesson if anyone you live with is experiencing these symptoms). In addition, if you suffer from any underlying medical condition or have been advised that you are in an at-risk group, you should be staying at home and not taking driving lessons at this time.


If you are fit to drive and are happy to have your lesson, you MUST wash your hands (for at least 20 seconds, using soap and water) before your lesson and, if you ever start to feel unwell during a lesson, find somewhere suitable to park and let me know. If you do sneeze or cough while in the car, please cover your mouth (ideally with a tissue or your sleeve, not your hands). If you do cough or sneeze, I will ask you to park up and discuss if it is appropriate to continue the lesson.

Please be assured that:-

1. All controls touched by learners (e.g. steering wheel, gearstick, indicator stick, handbrake, controls on the driver door, seat belt etc) are wiped down with a disinfectant wipe after each lesson and outer door handles sprayed with disinfectant.

2. Between each lesson, I open the windows to refresh the air in the car

3. I wash my hands periodically during the day and specifically clean them between lessons (if not with soap and water, by using hand sanitiser kept in my car)

4. When I talk to you in the car, I will aim to face forwards (rather than face you when talking)

5. Tissues (and a bag for used tissues) are located in the car

6. The interior of the car is throughly cleaned with soap/hot water and sprayed with disinfectant at the end of each day