Theory Training

I have recently changed the third party supplier I use to provide free online theory training to my learners.

As part of the registration process, learners will be offered an account with Theory Test Pro (using the learner’s email address and phone number) and provided with limited access. This is upgraded to full access once 10 lessons have been taken and are committed to study/learning (subject to a few terms noted below):-

Terms of Use:-

1. Your account with Theory Test Pro is for your sole use and should not be shared with others
2. Full access is granted after 10 lessons but will revert to limited access if there is no regular learning activity (at least once a week)
3. Once the Theory Test is passed, full access will revert to limited access
4. Once the Practical Test is passed, all access will be removed

Online theory training activity is monitored by me and results used to stimulate conversation in lessons and allow me to tailor any additional and personalised theory support. Please note that, if asking any questions or posting any messages to me on the Theory Test Pro, it is best to do this at least 24 hours before a lesson.

Theory Test Pro in partnership with Driving Lessons with Martin in Nottingham