New Video – Long Eaton to Breaston

I’ve embedded a short video in this post covering the two roundabouts that feature in the route to Breaston from Long Eaton (following signs to Castle Donington). There is no audio on this video so, using the time sequence noted at the bottom of the video,:-

First Roundabout:-

09:46:01 – The road sign shows that Castle Donington is the second exit (there is a small notch to show a minor road as the first exit), but note that the direction of the second exit is slightly to the right of being exactly straight.

09:46:06 – Lanes become visible. Left lane for second exit but noting that two lanes go into the roundabout so you need to keep on the left hand side of the roundabout all the way to the second exit. This is similar to other roundabouts where there are no markings in the roundabout (e.g. university, west entrance)

09:47:27 – Note the speed limit increases from 30mph to 40mph. Many people miss this and continue as if is is still 30mph.

09:48:45 – The sign for the next roundabout again shows Castle Donington as the second exit (there is a small notch to show a minor road as the first exit) but note this time that Castle Donington is quite a lot “to the left” of being straight.

09:48:59 – The lane markings become visible. As Castle Donington is to the left of being straight, you need to be in the left lane because the second exit is on the left. The right lane (marked straight on and right) goes to the 3rd and 4th exits.

09:49:04 – You can see both the 1st and 2nd exits (very close to each other). Both exits go under the arches of a railway bridge.

09:50:22 – On this route, you will probably then be following signs for Breaston. The sign is visible here (and you need to signal almost immediately as you need to move into the right lane at 09:50:28).