Change of Car

Important Notice

Article updated on 5th November

AA Driving School currently provide me with a training vehicle as part of my contract with them. My current car (Ford Focus) is due to be renewed in December and will be replaced by a new Ford Fiesta.

Prior to using the Ford Focus, I used the Ford Fiesta as a driving school car for the previous 5 years (between 2012-2017).  There are many similarities between the two Ford vehicles (they both use the same engine, the 1.0L Ecoboost) but the Fiesta is slightly smaller (1.5 inches narrower and 13 inches shorter). However, having now used both cars, I actually think that the Fiesta is probably more suitable than the Focus for the majority of learners.

The main immediate issue is that I currently have eight learners who have tests booked from this week until 17th December. Although I can offer no guarantee, I am hoping to retain my current vehicle (Ford Focus) until at least 18th December (so that learners with a test currently confirmed are not affected). However, it is important to note that this is not guaranteed and any tests booked from that date onwards are likely to be in the Ford Fiesta.