Price Review

I have recently undertaken a review of prices charged by other instructors covering the Nottingham area and discovered that most are now charging between 8-11% more than me. This may explain why I’ve noticed a remarkable increase in people asking for lessons over the last couple of months (I’m regularly getting 3-4 enquiries every day at the moment!).

Given this and the continued rising costs to provide lessons (e.g. the cost of petrol has increased by over 10% since the beginning of the year), I have decided to increase my driving lesson prices (for the first time in two years), although I will still be charging less than many other instructors.

Block booking discounts will remain available to people who like my Facebook page for daytime lessons but have been reduced for peak time slots (evenings and weekends) that are in high demand.

The new prices will apply immediately but only for learners who have not yet started lessons with me or those resuming lessons with me after taking a break from lessons (not including holidays). My current learners will, therefore, not be affected by the price change providing that there is no unexpected break in lessons.