New Ford Focus

My contract with AA Driving School means that I am provided with a new car each year, which is fully serviced and, in the event that there is ever a problem with the car, I am able to get a replacement car provided within 48 hours.

The next new car is due in September 2018 but I have found out this week that this will now be delayed until December. This is because Ford are launching a new Ford Focus in November and it means that I have been given the opportunity to wait until the new version is available.

As the new version of the Ford Focus has a few new or changed features (e.g. six gears instead of five, an automatic handbrake instead of a manual one), I need to ensure that anyone who is on track for a test in December has sufficient time to get used to the new car before their test. I will keep my learners posted as we get closer to December.