Theory Test Support

Driving lessons are one way of building up knowledge of many aspects of the theory of driving e.g. understanding road signs and road markings, rules for parking, dealing with hazards and other roads users (including pedestrians crossing the road).  However, many areas covered by the Theory Test are not naturally discussed in lessons (e.g. vehicle documentation, First Aid, use of arm signals etc) so, once a learner is driving confidently, I will occasionally look to spend a few minutes during lessons to help build up knowledge in these areas. In addition, for learners who have liked my Facebook page, I also offer a free dedicated session (approx an hour) to explore theory knowledge in more detail (ideally taken at the point of preparing for the Theory Test).

Most learners are happy to study for the Theory Test in a way that suits them (some prefer to read books, some view a variety of resources on the Internet, some use interactive DVDs, some find Apps useful and some just like to go through lots of mock tests). However, it is really important that the Highway Code has been read. The Highway Code sets out the laws of the road (for which the driver is legally responsible). The consequences of failing to adhere to the laws of the road range from fines and penalties (points on your licence) to losing your licence and even prison sentences. Remember, a newly qualified driver will lose their licence (and have to retake the Theory & Practical Test) if the accumulate 6 points or more in the first two years after passing their test (including any points incurred before passing their test).