Revised Terms of Business

My terms of business have been updated and are already in place for new learners (who started after 31st October 2018) but become effective from 4th January 2019 for learners registered for lessons with me prior to the end of October. The latest version is referred to as Version – Learners 2019 (1).

The main change is in Section 13 (iv), to advise of a new pricing structure for the test day (for tests from 4th January 2019). Prices will be higher for learners who have had less than 15 hours of lessons with me but lower for people who have had more than 25 hours lessons (to reward loyalty). For learners who have had more than 25 hours of lessons with me AND have never cancelled a lesson, the test day session will be free of charge (to reward reliability).

Other changes (from the previous version, dated May 2018) are primarily changes in wording, with the intention to clarify or make clear existing terms, as follows:-

1. You are not liable for any costs relating to the repair of the car, even it is was due to a driving fault (the most common example being a punctured tyre or scraped alloy wheel).

2. No charge is made for cancelling a lesson, providing at least 48 hour’s notice is given. In the event of illness, at least 1 hour’s notice must be given to avoid a charge.

3. Where a lesson finishes early due to an issue outside of your control (e.g. the car develops a fault or I become ill during a lesson), you will be given a choice of a reduced charge (calculated for the actual lesson time) or an extended lesson next time. However, where a lesson finishes early for any other reason (e.g. you become unwell, wish to finish the lesson early or a tyre is punctured due to a driving fault), the lesson will be charged for the scheduled lesson time.

4. In the event of any motoring related incident, I have a legal duty to inform any interested party (e.g. the Police, insurance company, any other affected road user) of the name of the person driving the vehicle. While I always do my best to ensure that the Highway Code is followed at all times, it is important to understand that the driver is legally liable for any penalty points/fines (e.g. due to speeding, traffic light violation etc).

5. Where someone else is paying for your lessons (usually a parent), I will provide them with verbal feedback on your progress (although I will advise you that this is being done).

6. Where three or more lessons have been cancelled, or where there has been an unexpected gap in lessons, consideration will be given to stop providing lessons (but each case will be treated on it’s own merits).

In addition, a new set of shorter T&Cs has been developed for qualified drivers (taking sessions after passing their test).